Currently, Paul lives in the Southern California area with his wife and four feline children, known as the "Optibotipets." 

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a.k.a. Optibotimus

After being a Transformers fan for his entire life, Paul renewed his passion for Transformers in 2007 after the release of Michael Bay’s live-action movie. After buying the Voyage Class Ironhide figure (his first Transformers purchase since childhood), he realized that they had become a lot more difficult to transform than he previously remembered.  

Seeking help, Paul went to YouTube to look up instructions on how to transform Ironhide from his packaged vehicle mode, into the robot form. Finding a couple videos on YouTube, mostly from MatrixPrime, Paul was finally able to transform Ironhide.  However, after a while, he realized he had no idea how to transform him back into the vehicle form. At that time, no one created videos on that part the toy transformation. It was at that time when Paul realized, "Hey, I can do this sort of thing."  

So in preparation for his own video reviews, he had to think of a YouTube name.  He eventually decided on “Optibotimus”--a hybrid of the name "Optimus" from Optimus Prime with the word "bot" thrown in the middle.  So on Oct 18, 2007, Optibotimus went live on YouTube.

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